4 Rustic Barn-Style Home Ideas

Rustic interior design style proves the old saying that in time, everything comes full circle. Despite today’s plastered walls and excellent carpets, a lot of people are still attracted to rustic style’s modest origins, organic textures, and natural warmth. Today, more and more people want to achieve a rustic barn-style interior decor even though their residence is located at the heart of the city.

Rustic barn-style design involves the use of muted country colors, wood flooring, repurposed items, simple furniture lines, and braided rugs. It is a perfect choice if you want to create a cozy, warm, and welcoming home environment. If you want to achieve this interior design style, here are a few ideas.

Paint The Walls With The Right Colors: When painting the walls of your house, you should choose country-muted colors. This may include deep red, mustard yellow, country blue, or forest green. You can also paint the bedrooms with warm brown shades. These colors are appropriate hues for a rustic barn-style interior design.

Do not use brilliant jewel tones and girly pastels. In addition, avoid using magenta and lime green since they are not an excellent choice for a rustic home. As a tip, you need to use muted colors to create a rustic feel.

Choose The Right Pieces Of Furniture: When choosing the furniture pieces for your home, you should look for pieces with simple lines. Here are a few helpful ideas:

  • You can use Shaker style coffee tables since they are known for their simple design
  • Choose pieces made from pine or oak wood. These materials look natural in a barn-style house and it will add to its appeal.
  • You can also add pieces with plaid upholstery or you can use sofas and ottomans that are clothed in leather.
  • To achieve a more rustic design, you can select furnishings and accents with slightly rough profiles, such as hand-crafted baskets and trays.
  • As a tip, you can use pieces made from reclaimed wood. You can also use pieces that uses hammered and tarnished metals.
  • It is also a good idea to add a few smooth surfaces along with the rustic and textured furnishings and accents to complete the look. For instance, you can opt for simple and clean shelving to create a cohesive look which allows the rustic barn-style design to come through.

Use Wood Flooring: To achieve a truly rustic interior design, you should incorporate wood flooring instead of using floor tiles. You must select flooring in rustic woods, such as oak or pine. Textured finishes with knot markings will help improve the look and feel of the barn-style decor.

Add Barn-Inspired Pieces and Elements: You can add sliding barn doors, backless barstool, or other details borrowed from outbuildings. These elements are very functional and they can also add to the rustic appeal of the house. To add warmth and dramatic appeal, you can choose dramatic rail treatment for the sliding barn door then stain the doors using muted palettes or colors that contrasts with the interior walls.

Aside from using barn-inspired pieces, you can also use repurposed objects. For instance, you can use old pails and turn it into a sink, or transform wire baskets into light fixtures. You can be a bit risky with accents, such as adding decorative displays and artwork to your home interiors. These folk artworks are self-sufficient and have a homegrown appeal which will be an excellent addition to a rustic barn-style home.