5 Tips to Choose Tiles for Outdoors

The outdoor space of the home is one that should be enjoyed on a regular basis. During comfortable weather, such as the spring, summer and late fall, homeowners should have the option of relaxing outside. To do this, homeowners need a space to sit and relax in the outdoor portion of their home. A great option for outdoor spaces is a patio. Patios can be created with many different materials but to make the space feel like an additional room, it is best to use tile work.

Tile can be used in many different ways in outdoor spaces. From flooring to wall treatments and d├ęcor, tile can be placed in several different areas. Before a tiling project can begin, the homeowner will need to make a few choices. Below are a few easy tips on how to choose tiles for your outdoor space.

Decide on Location

First, you will need to decide on the location of the tiles. If you are simply creating a walkway or flooring, then the decision is easy. If you are creating a water feature or other decor project, then the decision may not be as simple. Determine where you would like to use the tile in your outdoor space so you can then begin the selection process and measuring for the project.


A big decision when it comes to tile work is the size of tile used. The size of tile used will depend greatly on the area in which the tile will be installed. When using tile for flooring, it is generally a rule that one will use larger tiles. Smaller tiles can be used but larger options are easier to install. If you are creating a focal point or water feature area with tile, you may decide to use smaller tile so you can create a design or mosaic.


Style is another decision that needs to be made. Tile can be made from natural stone or manufactured so you need to decide what style look you are going for. Would you like a European feel with mosaics and solid design throughout the tile work? Or would you like a more rustic, country feel by using stone? All of this must be considered to create the overall look and feel to your outdoor space.


Color is another important choice. The style of the home as well as your overall direction in the look of your space must be considered. Light colors do well outdoors but will show dirt and grime easily. Darker colors can hide dirt longer and may be the choice for you if you have small children or pets. You may want to stay neutral with your coloring or choose a bold design. This can be one of the harder decisions when installing tile work in the home.


Once you have made the above decisions, you will be ready for installation. Now the big decision is will you install the tile yourself or hire a professional? If you have experience, then go ahead and take on the project. However, if you have never worked with tile before it is recommended that you work with a professional for top quality results.